SpaceX Launch:Make It or Break It

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Will it be the second successful ground landing for the Falcon 9 rocket?
SpaceX is aiming to launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida, carrying nearly 5,000 pounds of cargo to the International Space Station. This time, it is hoping for the second ground landing of the first stage to be a success.
SpaceX has been trying to land the first stage for many times. Usually, they aim for a barge at sea, as it has been for the last six SpaceX launches. As of May 2016, SpaceX has attempted eight landings of a first stage on a solid surface, four of which have succeeded.
First Stage Graphic (sea landing)
First successful Landing on a drone ship at Sea. (April 2016)
First successful ground landing and first in history to land a first stage. (December 2015)
Launch window is this Monday at 0445 UTC (0045 ET)
Watch live here

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